Soybeans, the most common source of oil for biodiesel production in the United States
The most common oil source for biodiesel production in the US.

About Green Gas

Green Gas is a project to produce a renewable fuel from waste cooking oil.

The Green Gas project is sponsored by Cyberview Solutions Inc, with the objective to convert used cooking oil / waste vegetable oil into biodiesel that can be used in an unmodified diesel engine.

The Green Gas project started in spring of 2005. The first task was to identify the process that is required to convert vegetable oil into a viable alternative fuel for diesel engines (biodiesel).

Winter 2005 we started the design of our prototype reactor. As spring approached we were in the final stages of assembly, and were collecting oil. With summer upon us, we were producing and continue to produce batches on a (somewhat) regular basis.

Project vehicle(s):
Stock 1999 Ford F350 4x4, with the 7.3l powerstroke diesel engine.

Fall 2006 - Installed an inline electric fuel preheater between the fuel tank and fuel pump (preparing for winter). Still working on the antigel agent that will allow us to run B100 biodiesel throughout the winter.

Late summer 2009, we acquired a 2006 Jetta TDI. We have been running B100 biodiesel in the vehicle since its purchase.

Spring 2010, we acquired a Kobuta G1800 mower. We supplemented the existing diesel in the tank (about 2 gallons), and since have run B100 biodiesel in the tractor.

Fall 2011, we acquired a torpedo heater (Dyna-Glo Pro 125K btu) and started with 1 gallon of kerosene, and there after continue to run on B100 biodiesel.

In summary (since our biodiesel start in 2005):
  • Logged over 30K miles on the F350
  • Logged over 60K miles on the Jetta (daily driver)
  • Logged 2 1/2 seasons of cutting with the mower
  • Logged 1 winter with the torpedo heater (to heat our shop)
  • In all the biodiesel utilization efforts to date (as noted above), we have had no (zero) fuel-related mechanical issues with any of the vehicles involved in our project (outside of expected fuel filter changes).

    2012 - Our analysis and research in biodiesel utilization continues...


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